Tuesday, December 16, 2008

මිනිස‍ාගේ ප්‍රථම ගුවන් ගමන සිහිපත් කරමු

මිනිසකු සහිතව උඩුගුවනට එසවුනු ප්‍රථම ගුවන් යානය 1903 දෙසැම්බර් 17 උදෑසණ 10.35 ට ඔලිවර් රයිට් සමගින් අඩි 120 ඉහල නැගුනු ඒ අවස්ථාව, එතැන් සිට අද දක්වා ගතවු සියවස තුල ‍කොතරම් නම් දියුනු වී ඇත්ද, ඒ වෙන කිසිවක් නිසා නොව ඒදා විල්බර් සහ ඔලිවර් රයිට් සහෝදරයින් ගේ නෙපසුබට උත්සාහය නිසාය. එබැවින් අද දින අප ඔවුන් සිහිපත් කර ස්තූති කරන ගමන් අනාගතය වෙනස් කලහ‍ැකි නව සොයා ගැනීම් සිදුකිරීමට අපේ සහෝදර සහෝදරියන්ට ධ්‍යෛර්ය ශක්තිය ලැබේවායි ප්‍රාර්ථනා කරමු.


සරත් ගුණතුංග said...

මහත්මයා, මේ තර්කයකට නෙවෙයි, මම මෙහෙම දෙයක් කියවල තියෙනව....

The first self-powered aircraft was created by an Englishman by the name of John Stringfellow of Chard in Somerset, who created a self-powered model aircraft that had its first successful flight in 1848.

Clément Ader constructed and designed a self-powered aircraft. On October 9, 1890, Ader attempted to fly the Éole, which succeeded in taking off and flying uncontrolled a distance of approximately 50 meters before witnesses. In August 1892 the Avion II flew for a distance of 200 meters, and on October 14, 1897, Avion III flew a distance of more than 300 meters. Richard Pearse made a poorly documented uncontrolled flight on March 31, 1903 in Waitohi, New Zealand, and on August 28, 1903 in Hanover, the German Karl Jatho made his first flight. (Wikipaedia)

Kosala Atapattu said...

This is a interesting statement. I didn't know that there are more people claim for the first flying right :).

Btw, this reminds me once a friend told me. "The human intellect is not based on a person but based on the need of the society".

For example, when Einstein published his Special Theory of relativity, there was another gentleman from France had published a short paper on the same subject. The most people say therefore the special theory of relativity was a need of the whole physics community at that time, and Einstein happened to be the first one who published it...

So if somebody want to quote him as the most inteligent human of the century, might want to think twice :).